I want to tackle the death of the pen. The pen is quickly being replaced with digital writing tools like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, touch and then gesture technology. Join the 21st century so you can be relevant to yourself, your colleagues, and most importantly your students/ children.


Ditching pens allows you to do more, do it faster, do it more efficiently and effectively, and most importantly share it with an audience.

11 Reasons Writing Digital is Mightier then Pen and Ink

1- It’s faster
  • The average human being hand writes at 31 words per minute.
  • With training (10 minutes per week) a human can become a beginner touch typist at 40 wpm and with additional training about 70 wpm.
  • Copy, paste, organize and move text seamlessly.
  • Never have to recopy.

3-It’s instantly and easily shareable with others
  • Simply share your writing with others by sending them the link to your writing or emailing them an attachment. Create a wiki and publish it online for all to see. Copy writing into a blog.

4-It’s easily editable by others
  • Once they have your writing they simply use their keyboard from wherever they are and can edit your writing.

5-It’s more efficient
  • It kills me when I am in a meeting watching someone hand write notes that they will later spend an hour typing up. Save an hour and type the notes. Then leave work an hour early or take a long lunch :-))
  • It also kills me that people see I have a digital device and say, “Oh Hamish you can take the notes.” No thank you!!!

6-It allows you to get to the thinking faster
  • With a keyboard you don’t need to waste your time figuring out spelling and grammar. You can thumb or type at the speed of thought without ideas getting lost in the process because you are provided spelling and grammar suggestions as well as synonyms when you “just can’t think of a word.”

7-It is with you wherever you go
  • If you use your Smartphone or Laptop for writing you’ll have your work wherever you go. You can replace, “I’ll get that to you when I’m back at the office going through my files.” with “Here ya go.”
  • If you’re like me and type everything in Google docs, (or other 'cloud' service) your work is with you even without your own laptop, accessible instantly on the computer of whomever is requesting the document.

8-It lets you get rid of the clutter
  • I remember the days of notebooks, binders, and folders that over took my desk as a beginning teacher. I finally made them into digital copies and the files are now uploaded to a ‘cloud’ service for free. I can now access all my documents from any digital device. More importantly I can share them with anyone who wants a copy!

9-It lightens the load
  • No need to carry all those little notebooks, binders, and folders that are crowding your briefcases and backpacks. It all neatly fits in your digital device. I never have a need bags because my writing is digital.

10-It is searchable
  • When you write digitally you never have to sort through pages of notebooks, papers, or files. Just enter in the document name or keyword. Poof, you have what you’re looking for. I particularly like to do this when travelling. In my iPhone (Thanks to GPS and geocaching) I have the name of the places I’ve travelled to, and notes about them. When I search, I just type in the city and wa-la...

11-It enables you to publish easily
  • When I record my ideas digitally I can instantly publish them in any number of mediums i.e. this wiki, a blog, Google docs, etc.

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