If you need help with something then you've come to the right place!!

Ok... So everyone in the class has created a website (wikispace). Congratulations guys!! You now have the knowledge to edit your pages.

  • Don't respond to anyone unless you know for certain who it is!!
  • Keep it simple
  • Ask someone if you don't know how to do something.
  • If you don't want to put something on your wiki that i have asked you to... let me know : )

(Everyone is at a different level and may know something you don't. And... you may know something they don't)

How to add a Youtube video to your page

1) Go to the video on that you want to embed
2) Look for the "Embed" field on the video page. Click <Embeded>
You will see a 'box' like this appear...

3) Copy the embeded code (The blue highlighted text)
Copy shortcut: Press "ctrl" + the 'C' key together
4) Go to your wiki page that you want to embed the video into.
5) Click 'edit this page'. Then click 'widget' (the little blue tv)
6) Second from the top on the left hand side click 'Video'.
7) Then click 'Youtube'. Then paste the code into the bottom box.
7) Click 'save' at the top of your wiki page

DONE !!!

How to add an image or another file to your wiki

(music file, picture file, a document or any file you have on your computer)
    • Be careful - If you upload a music file that you didn't make yourself, then you could get in big trouble!

1) If you already have the image on your computer then skip this step
Go to the website with the image. Right click and 'save' the image to your desktop.
2) Go to your wiki and then the page you want to put the image on.
3) Click 'edit this page'. Then click 'file' (the little green and blue picture)
4) You will see a 'box' like this appear...
5) click '+ Upload Files'
6) Select the image or file you want
7) Then wait a few seconds (may take a while) for the image to appear in the 'box'
8) 'Click' on the image once. It will then be imported into your wiki page.
9) Click 'save' at the top of your wiki page

DONE !!!

How to Link to a webpage from your wiki

1) Navigate to the page you want to create the link
2) Click 'edit'
3) Select the 'Link' (looks like a chain seen here)
4)You will be presented with an image that looks like this (see below)
Select 'External Link'

5) In the field that states: Link Text: Type what you want to appear on your wiki page
6) In the firld that states: Address: Copy and paste/ type in the web address... eg
7) Tick the 'New Window' box
8) Click 'save' at the top of your wiki page

DONE !!!

Chat - Some people are having difficulty using the chat. Remember to enter the correct password (and not give it to anyone)
But you will also need to make sure your web browser is updated. (Firefox / Safari / iexplorer etc)
Use 'Windows Update' for XP/ Vista or Windows 7... or 'Software Update' for Apple and OS X...

If you still have issues using chat, try the updates found here:

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