What can I do to improve this wiki?

(Remember this is an educational wiki. Supposed to help and support learning)

Of course! I hope your time at college has been a great one so far. Remember we are just over the road : )
See ya soon!
Mr Mc

Hello its taz
remember me?????? goodto see you are still doin wikispaces.

Hi Hamish,
Really great to see your success with TECT for next years project. Do you have any cunning plan to get the rest of the $$$$??
Looking forward to seeing it all in action. We might need some PD so we can keep up with our kids though so it would be great to have some sessions at the start of the year so we can be more useful.
thanks for a great year

Thanks Pete,
Have sent you an e-mail explaining how to do it. If you have any follow up questions let me know. Thank you for the feedback...
Mr Mc

Hi Hamish!

My name is Pete Reiter and I am a grade 5/6 teacher at Donvale Primary School in Melbourne, Australia.
I came across your wiki as I was searching for examples of great class wikis to show our staff. I also use Wikispaces for a class wiki... (http://donvalepsl4.wikispaces.com/ ) but no one else in our school is really using wikis or blogs.
Congratulations on your site... it looks fantastic!
I was curious about how you got the 'rolling banner' across the top of your home page. It looks like a great way to draw attention to news or upoming events. I'd love to put a similar thing on my Wiki, if it's not too hard!

Cheers, and well done again!

Pete Reiter
L4 coordinator
Donvale PS

Haha so funny what about the cool photo of me (olivia) she's pritty cool also. hope you are having a great break with your family.
From Olivia

We love the video of the snow trip very cool, a lot of fun great job to all the teacher who put the week together.
Vanessa and Olivia Brooks

Yes was an awesome camp! Students were great, and so were the parents. Camps just cant happen without the parents coming and taking and managing groups...
Mr Mc

Thanks Jill. Great to get feedback from parents. Learning using web2.0 tools like wikis and blogs, is where I see education heading. I know Katikati college uses them too, so hopefully it will give my students a head start.
Congratulations on your new position too!
Mr Mc

What a cool tool to have room 25 working on for homework and communication. Thanks for the effort you have put into setting up the wiki and keeping it relevant. The homework is challenging at times but certainly fun and never boring. Good job Mr Mc. I love the brain teasers too.
Jill Jack (linsey's mum)